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How To Know what works best for me?

Finding the right extension method will depend on budget, preference, and hair type. While fusion and tape-in extensions can be used on just about any hair texture, weaves are best suited for curly, kinky hair. “Weaving extensions are best for African-American hair, which has enough strength and texture to hold the cornrow braid. Fusion extensions tend to be the most expensive and have the most time-consuming application process; they also last the longest (three to four months).

The tape-in application process is much faster (about an hour) and more affordable, but requires more frequent maintenance (every six to eight weeks). “The same tape-in extensions can be removed and reapplied, though,” says Conner. “You don’t have to purchase new hair each time.” The same goes for weave-in extensions, which last about three months, can be applied in an hour or two, and are the most affordable option of the bunch. (Fusion extensions are a one-shot deal; once removed, you can’t use them again.)

Human Versus Synthetic Hair Extensions

When it comes to purchasing hair, you get what you pay for. Price will vary greatly based on quality of the hair, as well as the desired quantity (for thickness) and length. Virgin (never-before-processed) Remy human hair is the highest quality and runs upwards of several hundred dollars per bunch (and some heads may require more than one). “The hair cuticle is preserved, instead of stripped, and all the hairs run in the same direction, maintaining that natural soft, silky texture,” says Conner. Synthetic hair is much cheaper, but won’t blend or style the way human hair does. “It can’t always withstand heat styling and tangles easily,” says Chabbi. It can be a great way to try out extra length or bangs without a big commitment, though.


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