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Mens Cuts

Mens Cuts

How to Ask for What You Want

“A photo reference, whether it be some cuts you’ve seen (from a celebrity standpoint) or just looks you’ve seen on social media, can be a really great jumping-off point. At that point, you’re not necessarily discussing very strict terms in regards to texture, length or whatever it may be, but it’s more so trying to look at that photo. See if it works with that person’s personal style and then tailoring something to them that’s going to be close. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all for this. If you keep it really short, [you should go] two to three weeks. If you keep something medium length, three to five; and if you have a longer look, maybe it’s five to seven months or even longer.”

That means the haircut your favorite athlete wore last week won’t look identical on you โ€” or your friend or your father โ€” and especially so a week or two after it’s cut. Tailoring a style to your face shape, aesthetic, activities and schedule requires assistance from a trained barber. First, figure out your face shape. Then, seek out a style you’re interested in, find a local barber, book an appointment and get the look you’ve been yearning for โ€” or something close to it. And bring whichever photo you need.


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